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Rn40 Hilux Diff Width. Took the old girl for a little role down the street and back before, blow any cobwebs out. I've been driving the around, the Lux feels so high off the ground and you sit so upright.

For Toyota trucks and 4Runners, there is one front axle width, and it is not wide. SuperPro manufactures and engineers the largest range of suspension bushes, poly bushes, suspension bushes and sway bar bushing kits for performance, 4x4, 4wd, handling and durability.

This was the last generation of the Hilux to be built in Japan. But yeah, just shorten the rn40 as said. Must use factory Toyota width and bushing size frame tube with 18mm bolt hole.

All Car Parts Online. Camp setup complete in 60 seconds. We have just had custom, handmade steel arches and front spoiler made which are included in the sale.

Each of these has the same spring centres mm and overall width mm as an Escort. Discussions: 14 Messages: Backed by Toyota's proven four-wheel drive know how, the Hilux will make short work of wintry roads or off-road conditions. I've had mine fitted for a number of years still using std Hilux axles. Buy heavy duty weathershields suited for your Captiva.

2wd hilux diff width

Steering servomotor mount for standard mm width RC Channel axle. I still love it so. Diff lock s Digital Instrument.

Rebuilt using only Japanese crown wheel and pinion gear sets and quality aftermarket and genuine Toyota parts. The axle is 91mm and the rotor is mm. If you are looking for a Used Toyota then this car is worth looking at, this Toyota Hilux is a Manual and is located in Pretoria, Gauteng. Having a different stud pattern and centre spigot diameter is a pain, especially when it comes to the spare wheel.Join us now!

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2wd hilux diff width

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Essentials Only Full Version. They feature an 8" crown wheel, 31 spline axles and large bearings. They have ample capacity for an Escort and a converted Hilux diff will weigh about 60kg.

Common ratios to be found at wreckers in Australia are from 4. The taller ratio of 3. Aftermarket suppliers in Australia have gear sets of 3. Each of these has the same spring centres mm and overall width mm as an Escort.


What needs to be modified? Axle Shafts and Flanges These axles have five M12x1. The Hilux studs are longer than Escort studs. If Escort drum brakes are to be used then the boss must be machined down.

2wd hilux diff width

If an upgrade to larger drums or disc brakes is chosen then the boss may need changing in size to suit the alternate drum or disc centre hole. If alternate discs are fitted over the axle flange this will increase the overall width of the diff by the thickness of the disc bell on each side of the diff. So if discs with a bell thickness 7. Check your tire clearance to the guards and track width requirements. Most of the axle shaft fitted to the RN models have sufficient spline length for the axle to be shortened a small amount without the need for re-splining, but work out what you need and measure the axles before purchase.

Brakes The Escort drum brake backing plates will need the centre hole size and bolt pattern changed to fit over the Hilux bearing carrier. The backing plate will need a spacer behind it so that the drum properly covers the brake shoes.

Upgrading the brakes to discs has been done and reuse of the Hilux drum system may be possible. Differential Centre The ratio and type of the centre that is factory fitted to RN Hilux may not be suitable or serviceable considering the age. Options are to fit a diff centre from another later model Hilux or Hiace that has a suitable ratio or Limited Slip centre for example.What type of differential does my Toyota 4x4 have?

What's my gear ratio? There are several ways figure it out: top. Front Differentials top. The 4cyl 8" diff. The 7. Late-model 7. Posted by RockKrawler of Allpro Offroad "The front differential is an 8" mid pinion IFS that uses a gear not available through the common aftermarket.

The only current ratios available are 4. All Pro has 4. Front install kits are also not available from the common aftermarket.

All Pro has gathered the parts together and can assemble a kit for you by special order, and have preassembled kits in the works.

No solid spacers are available for the front differential One last thing - there is a case break on the front differential. This means there are 2 different cases, or differential offsets: one that fits 3.

So if you have an Automatic FJ with 3. The Hi-pinion 8" diff. Rear Differentials top. However, it doesn't have the trussed bearing cap on the inside, and the outside uses the smaller 8mm mounting studs.

Diff uses 8mm studs with 12mm nuts. Diff uses 10mm studs with 14mm nuts. Nobody knows why. All other gear sets have thicker ring gears and do not fit.

This diff cannot be fitted to an older style 8" axle because it uses a larger diameter mounting bolt pattern and because more space inside the housing necessary to accommodate the large bearing cap.


The different bolt pattern also makes it very impractical to swap in an electric locking Toyota diff the whole mounting flange would have to be re-done using a special jig. Late-model 4Runners still use the V6 8" diff above. Toyota Electric -Locking Differentials top. Electric Locker.

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Hi-pinion Electric Locker. These vehicles also had an optional 8. This one has been retrofitted into other Landcruiser models with considerable effort see this articlebut it doesn't appear to be compatible with any non-Landcruiser vehicles.Login or Sign Up.

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Forgot password or user name? Hilux Diffs. Posts Latest Posts. Page of 2. Filtered by:.

Rn40 Hilux Diff Width

Previous 1 2 template Next. Hilux DiffsPM. What ratios do Hilux diffs come in? Tags: None. There's a huge range of ratios available for Hilux diffs, both from the factory and aftermarket. Last time I was at the wreckers looking at this stuff the most common ratios were 4. All Hilux's have a G-series diff centre in the rear end, and all G series diffs have an 8" crown wheel. I think 4WD models have a smaller diff in the front axle though, possibly an F series 7.

Note that many other Toyota's use G-series centres, and they're all interchangeable. Comment Post Cancel. Turns out, far too much has been written about great men and not nearly enough about morons. Ford Escort Mk1 ca18det Andrew Bolt.

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Proudly presenting the new foot long chocolate Subway. Thanks heaps guys Cossie: It would be of help if you could post the codes. The reason I ask is Toyota Bunderas have Hilux diffs front and rear with 8" crownwheel, 4. That would be a G series?

2wd hilux diff width

Cossie: Is that a website, could you please give me the URL? So if the Bundera original came with G diffs, is it possible to replace the entire centre with say a G from a 90's 2. Also, is there anyway the entire diff asssembly, centre or the gears can be recognised by themselves eg. Thanks for the help guys. For Sale - Shift light, weber, bov, cooler, mags, etc.

Start by measuring the ring gear diameter; if it's 8" there's a good chance it's out of a Hilux. All rights reserved. Yes No.All parts available besides diff, good running 18rc 4 speed Disk brake front end to suit conversion for rn20 rn Used 3.

Rear gears were a bit noisy at kph, fronts perfect. Only removed to swap to 4. Pick up Canberra. Dismantling this Hi-spec Vehicle3. Metallic Grey. Otherwise Paintwork in top condition. Headlights, Tail lights. LHS Electric Mirror. Wrecking 3rz hilux no tray or doors. Good motor gearbox and diff, message. Has cracked number 2 piston. Spare hubs, rear axels, rear diff housing, a tray and some other small stuff.

I have a parts car the I no longer need the cab. The massive BOSS range is n.

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Negotiable 1 set of 5. Has no motor and diffs and front seats. Has auto box and electric windows and heaps more. Pickup is in Eltham, Vic. We have over vehicles available now for wrecking, please check out other ads or visit our website waautoparts. Sometimes, same generation. Call the office for a price on the specific box you need. Not only can we supply these parts, we can fit them for you. We have a state of the art, fully equipped mechanical workshop with highly skilled qualified mechanics on site.

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Hilux rear diff housing no center. Toyota KUN26r rear axels. The other shaft bearing needs replacing.Main navigation. Main Menu. Username: Password: Lost Password? Register now! Advanced Search. Datsun Club Forum Index - Main. Main Forum. Group: Registered Users. Posts: Im am going to put a hilux diff in my sedan.

I woulsd like as much info as I can get and any problems i will run into. I know it has to be shortend Which hilux lsd diff is the best to use? Does a custom driveshaft need to be used? What is a good ratio? My car has a z18et in it i dont wat to race it just make a good street car. Will the exhaust fit over it easily? How far can I lower the car once its in? Any information and advice what so ever would be very appreciated.

Thanks Andy. Home away from home. No life a. Im using a vn borg warner 4 pinion 4. Used skyline 28 spline axels to keep the stud pattern the same and skyline rear calipers seems to be an easier conversion than the hilux due to it allready having rear discs just somthing to think about.

If you are after centre you can swap with ease, and to keep the 4 stud datsun pattern you could consider using the skyline axels and tubes into the hilux centre, thus creating a disk brake hilux diff. The hilux share the same spline axels although im lead to believe some have a 31 spline as opposed to a 28, but cant say for sure. You could grab any hilux housing fairly cheaply. It may be slightly more involved than either a straight hilux or skyline set up but will be a better result in the end with the right stud pattern, disk brakes, and a centre you can swap as you please.

He's running 12 inch wheels,with hub caps and white walls. So I'd reccomend a 3. Because everyone knows you don't bring a knife to a gunfight! I'm confused. They're 13's. The hub caps are are the same as the old 12's I had on my sunny.I look around and all is revealed: A backward capped buffoon in a neon-lit Lancer, long forgotten in a fibreglass frenzy, pulls up beside me Then the unthinkable happens.

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A cocophony of splintered gears, grinding metal and a distinct lack of forward propulsion. The tinny, farty exhausted Lancer fades into the distance. I awake from the nightmare, startled, in a cold sweat. With my heart pounding, I reorient myself.

But it could.

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I resolve, there and then, to engage in a pre-emptive strike. To do the Hilux. Here is my story. My diff conversion had to fit a few criteria:. This immediately ruled out a large number of potentials. The Borg Warner has major short comings. They are probably the weakest of the three, are prone to developing gear whine and it was impossible for me to easily swap out the diff centre in my backyard.

I understand the LSD mechanism is terrible and will start to slip after only limited driving. That said, they are cheap and there is a plethora of disc brake setups readily available. This may be an option for some — but not for me. Their strength is world renowned, it possessed the right PCD and the LSDs are readily available and easily interchangeable.

Again, there is a multitude of disc brake setups. The main issue here is cost. LSDs in the gear ratios I wanted were not cheap at all.

And, damn, are they heavy!!! The Hilux diff is the last option. The diff centres are easily swapped out. The only problem is that there is no disc brake setup that is commercially available for the Hilux. Jigsaw puzzle. I needed a track width of approximately mm, and the early Hilux model RN41 suited perfectly. The Hiace diffs appear to be around mm. The next required item was a Hilux LSD. They are a 4 pinion LSD, and use a clutch pack mechanism to limit slip.


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2wd hilux diff width
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